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The world's most popular CMS – now in any programming language

Use Rooftop CMS to build API-powered sites, with the WordPress UI for content editing.

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Great for editors

Manage content in WordPress, the world's most popular content management platform that powers approximately 25% of the internet. WordPress’s content editor and asset management is friendly for beginners, familiar for dab hands, and most importantly, is a proven performer at the highest level.

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Great for developers

A fully open source system means you're not locked into one way of working. We maintain the core meaning no more updates for you. Extensive libraries mean you can be up and running in minutes with our SDKs for Ruby, Rails, Node and Spike. Or use your own framework or language of choice.

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Two ways to work it

You host it

  • Fork it on Github
  • Host it on your own server
  • Develop your site in any language
  • Benefit from updates to the core system
  • Commit any contributions you make back into the repo
Clone on GitHub

We host it

  • We'll get you set up and configure your content
  • Point your site/app to your Rooftop domain
  • Start developing in any language or framework: get a head start with our SDKs for Ruby, Node and others.
  • Commercial support to suit all needs.

Features - open-source vs hosted



Unlimited pages, posts and menus

Yes Yes

Unlimited users

Yes Yes

Unlimited api requests

Yes Yes

Support on GitHub

Yes Yes

User access control

Yes Yes

CDN for Assets

Your own S3 bucket Yes

Platform software updates

Released on Github Yes

Security by Cloudflare


Input on development roadmap


Unlimited domains


Staging and production environments


Support by email, phone and chat


Custom Service Level Agreement


Custom SDK support and development

Clone on Github Develop locally and deploy to anywhere Get in touch Specify a custom package


Unlimited pages, posts, menus and users; unlimited api requests; support on GitHub; user access control; CDN for assets using S3; platform software updates on GitHub

Clone on GitHub Develop locally and deploy to anywhere


Unlimited pages, posts and menus; unlimited users; unlimited api requests; support on GitHub; user access control; CDN for assets; platform software updates; security by Cloudflare; input on development roadmap; unlimited domains; staging and production environments; support by email, phone and chat; service Level Agreement; custom SDK support and development

Get in touch Specify a custom package

About Rooftop

“An API-first CMS is responsible only for the content. That’s what we’re doing with Rooftop. Build your app or site however you want, integrate with the Rooftop API to get your content.”