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How do I explain Rooftop CMS to my clients?

You've decided that you want to use Rooftop on a project - that's great! You might well need to explain what it is, and why it's different from WordPress, to your clients.

Rooftop doesn't need hosting

There's nothing which needs hosting if you use a Rooftop hosted account. We take care of all the things which traditionally makes decent WordPress hosting difficult:

  • We track WordPress core so we're always running the latest
  • We look out for vulnerabilities and patch frequently
  • We don't run arbitrary plugins: all our plugins are home-grown (and open-source here for community validation) or carefully vetted by us.
  • We tailor our servers to running Rooftop, not just any old WordPress site - MySQL tuning, Nginx configs, PHP-FPM processes: we tweak it all.
  • Your content is exclusively delivered over an SSL/TLS encrypted connection

Your client gets the site or app they need, built with the tools which make sense

Because the content for the site, application or app comes from a standard REST interface, there's no requirement to use a particular language or framework. Maybe you have an in-house stack which doesn't include PHP or WordPress. No problem! We're developing SDKs or wrappers for most common languages, and if yours isn't ready yet, you can just hit the REST endpoints to get the data you need.

You and your client can re-use the content they create

If you were developing a traditional CMS-backed website, you'd have a hard time getting content into a format you can use on mobile apps or syndicated elsewhere. It's not impossible, but it's time-consuming and expensive.

Rooftop CMS takes all of this pain away. Just create a new API token and start consuming the content in a different way, in a new app. There's no limit to the number of tokens you can create in your account.

It's WordPress: there's nothing new to learn

Rooftop CMS keeps the familiar WordPress user experience. So you don't need to worry about persuading your clients to learn a new or novel CMS.

And like WordPress, Rooftop is open-source so you can host the whole solution somewhere else if you want. But we hope you'll stick around, because we've got a lot of exciting stuff planned for the hosted version.