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I want to use Rooftop for a project, but how can I sell it to my boss?

If you're a developer working for an agency, or a content manager in a large organisation, you might well need to present a business case for Rooftop CMS to your boss. Don't worry! It's a pretty easy explanation.

You can develop in the platform you already use

There's no need to start developing in PHP / WordPress. Just consume the content from Rooftop using whatever language or framework you currently use. No spinup time or licence costs.

We take care of security, scaling and hosting for you

You don't increase your security footprint when you use Rooftop. By consuming the content from Rooftop's servers you don't need to worry about yet another system to scan and patch. We aggressively cache so things are delivered fast, Rooftop is behind a Web Application Firewall to avoid intrusion attempts, and we offload assets to a CDN to make sure they are close to your consumers.

Your users already know (and like using) WordPress

There's a reason WordPress is so popular. It's because it's super-easy to use as a CMS. You and your boss won't have to spend ages training people to use Rooftop - they'll probably have used it before - and if they haven't, it's really straightforward to get started.

Your website, application or app can look however you want

WordPress themes don't allow you to do anything you want with your content. Because Rooftop just exposes your content as an API, you can display it however you need, as part of a larger application or in an app or website of its own.

Rooftop is open-source software

Rooftop is a business built on open-source software and so Rooftop is also open source. Your boss will want to know that you're not locked into a vendor you'll be paying forever: with Rooftop, if you want you can host the whole solution yourself. Of course, we hope you'll stick around and host with us: we've got lots of exciting stuff planned. Have a look at our GitHub repositories to get a flavour of what we've released. It's a risk-free proposition.

My boss (or I) have concerns about something else

Let's have a chat! We're happy to discuss our design decisions, development approach and hosting strategy, and how we're using it for other clients.

Our phone number is +44 (0)203 637 5060, or we're happy to have a conference call.