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What are the top 5 reasons people choose Rooftop instead of WordPress?

If Rooftop CMS is WordPress, why should use use it instead of just installing WordPress itself? Here are the top 5 reasons people prefer to use Rooftop for their content management.

5 main reasons why people choose Rooftop for their CMS

(We've written more on some of these points in another article here.)

  1. You can develop in the platform you already use: there's no spin-up time for the developers, or licence costs for software.
  2. We take care of security, scaling and hosting for you: you offload your security risk to us, instead of increasing it with a normal WordPress installation
  3. Your users already know (and like using) WordPress: minimal training thanks to WordPress's popularity
  4. Your website, application or app can look however you want: you're consuming structured content data. What you do with it is completely up to you!
  5. Rooftop is open-source software: there's no risk that you'll be locked into a system for the long-term. We hope you stick around, but you can host Rooftop yourself if you want.

Rooftop is only for content, not for themes

Rooftop and WordPress differ in one very important way. Rooftop gives you the familiar WordPress CMS interface, but exposes the content exclusively through a JSON REST API. WordPress, on the other hand, requires that you write themes in PHP and HTML, and present the entire site using its development patterns.

We think the separation of concerns between content and consumer is the right way to build your site or app.